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Intercultural Competence and Social Responsibility: Home

Intercultural competence faculty

Welcome mat             The resources in this guide were provided by

Dr. Hilary Landorf, Associate Professor and Director, Global Learning Initiatives and

Dr. Joan Wynne, Associate Professor and Program Leader, Urban Education,

both of Florida International University. They were presenters at Indiana University's Global Learning and Teaching Institute held at IUPUI on March 1, 2013.

Explore the resources as you develop your intercultural competence and social responsibility course. Notice the tabs at the top; these will take you to resources organized by category or field.

LO3: Social responsibility learning outcomes

Understanding (.doc)

  1. A student evaluates social conditions OR
  2. A student discerns human needs.

Reflective engagement (.doc)

  1. A student is able to respond as an agent of change

LO3: Intercultural competence learning outcomes

Understanding (.doc)

  1. A student identifies and understands the aspects of culturally diverse environments in order to communicate more effectively across cultures; and she analyzes the forms and effects of culturally diverse environments and evaluates strategies for response.

Reflective engagement (.doc)

  1. A student reflects before and after intercultural engagement in order to identify her own cultural norms and how these norms shape her interactions with others.

LO3: Global learning learning outcomes

Intranational (.doc)

  1. A student articulates the interconnections between at least two of the following: the historical, political, geographic, cultural, and/or socio-economic dimensions within a country or region outside the United States.

International (.doc)

  1. A student explains global interdependence or other complex isues that cross national boundaries.

Intercultural competence faculty development coordinator

Mana Derakhshani

Mana Derakhshani

Associate Director CWIL
Sophia Program in Liberal Learning, Intercultural Competence Coordinator

50 Spes Unica Hall, Rm 117W