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This guide has been created to provide you with resources you can use in the development of your Women's Voices course. Notice the tabs at the top; these will take you to resources organized by category or field.

LO2: Cognitive and communicative skills: Women's voices


  1. A student identifes and understands women's contributions to human knowledge and achievement and how those may have been influenced by constructions of gender.
  2. A student reflects analytically upon her own heritage and experience as a woman and articulates her reflections within a particular disciplinary context.
  3. A student analyzes the forms and effects of gender prejudice, and evaluates strategies for response.

Women's Voices faculty development coordinator

Laura Haigwood

Laura Haigwood

Professor of English
Sophia Program in Liberal Learning, Women’s Voices Coordinator

58 Spes Unica Hall, Rm 222W