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Links and Resources for Class on Feb. 11

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In-Class Work on Feb. 11:

Personal Biography Group: You'll be working with citation #13 and #16.  For #13 you’ll need to skim down past a lot of previous stuff until you get to the material about Adichie.  There’s a lot here, so don’t feel like you need to read it all.  Think about questions like "who is writing this and where is it published," "when was it written," and most importantly, "how do we understand what is written here, based on the answers to those two previous questions?"

Education and Career Group: Skim the section of the Wikipedia article on "Writing Career."  Can you discern a shape to her paid employment and/or affiliation with universities, etc. (in other words, what we would describe as her "career") from this information? Can you find an outline of her employment history from her official and/or unofficial website(s)?  What information would you need and where would you find it, to pull together that kind of an outline?

Social Media and Public Intellectual Presence Group: The section of the Wikipedia article on "The Danger of a Single Story" cites three sources (#81, #82, #83).  Two of those are the transcript and the video of her talk itself, and the third is a blog post about a lesson plan that an 8th-grade teacher used along with the talk. The talk was posted in 2009, over 10 years ago. Can you find more sophisticated discussion of her talk in other sources?  You might need to use library tools (article databases or the online catalog) to find this.

Feminism and Other Activism Group: Read the paragraph at the end of the "Flawless song" section in the Wikipedia article (begins with "Adichie has clarified that her particular feminism..." and skim the two sources cited in that section (#86 and #87). Does this paragraph accurately reflect what Adichie is saying in those two sources? How might you write that paragraph differently?

Nigerian Culture Group: Skim the article on Nigeria from Countries and Their Cultures on the other tab of this guide.  Identify the sections of that article that will be the most useful to you and to the other groups in this project.  If you have time, you can also explore the article on Nigeria in Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations and/or the book Nigeria's Diverse Peoples.