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ECON 252: Principles of Microeconomics: Home

If you were really going to open a coffeeshop to compete with Starbucks, what would you need to KNOW and DO?

Cost estimate for opening a coffee shop

Starbucks' corporate revenue and profits

Starbucks menu items

Questions to ask yourself about the information in the link above:

  • Is Starbucks' menu the same in all countries? What about in every region of the U.S. or North America? Do you need to account for different menu items in different locations? How would you find out what menu items are offered where?
  • How up to date is the information in that link? Large corporations like Starbucks introduce and discontinue menu items regularly, especially seasonal items. What if a Starbucks location near your startup is test-marketing a new item that's not listed on the menu?
  • What menu information might Starbucks keep confidential -- and not publish on the web? Why?

Starbucks' stores in a location or region

Questions to ask yourself about the information in the link above:

  • How are you defining a region or a geographic area? Does your definition match the definition used by the store locator tool?
  • What counts as a "store" in the locator?  Is the coffee machine in the Cushwa-Leighton Library represented on the map? What about the Starbucks counter at the Inn at Saint Mary's?
  • What do you count as a "store" for the purpose of your business analysis?  How can you find information on other locations that aren't depicted on Starbucks' official locator?

Using innovative marketing & technology for a competitive advantage