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Scholarly Communications

Library Publishing and Academic Research

Discovery and Open Access to read and to publish educational material and scholarly research

  • Open Access journal articles
  • Open Access books
  • Open Educational Resources (OER) as teaching materials, textbooks, supplementary readings and viewing
  • Open Data
  • Open Source software
  • Open Pedagogy materials


Metrics and assessment of research/scholarship/creative works

Research Process

Innovation and emerging research methods and presentation modes

Digital Scholarship

Data Competencies

Digital Competencies

Sustainability of the scholarly record

Information has value


Library Publishing and sharing/preservation of scholarship

Institutional Academic Repository

Online Exhibits and Visualizations

Open Access books and Open Educational Resources (OER)



Digital Scholarship and Digital Humanities

The new Digital and Public Humanities (DPH) minor

Academic Research and co-curricular teaching and learning engagement

Scholarship is a conversation

Research is a process

Peer Review in the Open ecosystem

Authority is constructed and contextual

Next steps

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