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Bio 385: Introduction to Research: Academic Search Premier cheat-sheet

Academic Search Premier searching tips

To find other terms related to your topic that you can use in searches,

click on Subject Terms tab, then enter your keyword into the subject terms browsing search window.

screen shot ASP


take a stab at a search with whatever keywords you can think of. When you have a list of articles, click on "Subject" in the left-hand menu and then "Show More" to obtain a list of other terms you can use in your searches.

CINAHL subjects



To locate articles from a specific journal,

select "SO Journal Name" (SO for source) from drop-down menu.

SO journal name field



To request an article interlibrary loan,

click on the FindText button findtext logo that appears in the list of articles under articles that are not available full text wirthin Academic Search Premier This will take you to the FindText @ SMC screen. Click on "Request This Article from Interlibrary Loan" and fill in your contact information.

CINAHL interlibrary loan feature



To put articles into your folder in order to email them to yourself,

CINAHL folder


CINAHL go to folder view  


CINAHL email icon




To create a MyEBSCO account so that articles put in your folder remain there after you sign out,

create a MyEBSCO account and log in each time you begin searching CINAHL.

MyEBSCO screenshot


When you are logged into MyEBSCO a yellow ribbon will appear in the EBSCOhost logo.

MyEBSCOhost icon


To view a machine created APA citation for the source (careful! you will need to proof read these citations!),

click on the title of the article, then click on "Cite" in the right-hand menu.

CINAHL apa screenshot