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New York Times at Cushwa-Leighton Library

Archives, 1851-present

Questions about archives

How far back does the Academic Pass go?

All the way back to the first edition in 1851.

Are there any restrictions or archival access?

Yes, from 1923 to 1980, you may access only five articles per day.

How do I get to the archives?

  • You can use the regular search function, which returns results from current issues and the archive.
  • Search the entire archive independently here: Article Archive: 1851–Present.
  • To browse the archives, try the NYT TimesMachine.
  • A reader can also get to the TimesMachine from the bottom of any NYTimes page
    • Locate "Listings and More" column
    • Select "Tools and Services"
    • Scroll to "TimesMachine"


New York Times index

Use an index to identify an article on your topic, then use the archive (see left) to locate the article.

The New York Time is indexed in the EBSCOhost database Academic Search Premier and in print indexes.

  • 1994-present, electronic index, in Academic Search Ultimate.
  • 1907-2004, print indexes, shelved tin the lower level of the library.

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